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Okay. So, most of you are my family, a few of you are my friends, and one of you I paid to call you my fan.

This is my place. My home base. If you're here, that means you really like me.

Like too much.

Like so much, you want to watch some of my shorts, series, movies, exclusive content, and take a quick peep at my underwear drawer.

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For the support, laughs, and love.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

David Leo Schultz

P.s. You may take a peep my underwear drawer. But we can't make this a regular thing. That would cost $3.99 a month.

P.s.s. I know I put commas, in, the, wrong, place, and misspellledd a few wards, and me grammar not good...but I want you to know from the butt of my heart - I don't give a shit.

  • The Color Green Sketch Comedy Show

    1 season

    A collection of sketch comedy written/directed by David Leo Schultz

  • The David Leo Schultz Show

    1 season

  • Ragamuffin Movie

    2 videos

    A movie about a man who had it all and gave it all away.

  • Brennan Manning Movie

    2 videos

  • God's Fool Movie

    2 videos

    A new story about an old saint. As St. Francis of Assisi's life is coming to an end - our story begins.

  • Bontrager & Gast | Pilot

    1 season

    Bryan Bontrager's partner J. Matthew Gast was once the baddest assest on the forcest...but that was before he used him as a human shield. Now...he's ...different.

  • Bedsheet Man | Short Film

    1 video

    A man discovers a strange way to deal with grief.

  • Not Another Not Another Movie

    2 videos

    A struggling movie studio offers the opportunity of a lifetime to a P.A. to make his dream movie. Of course he blows it and instead makes this piece of shit. But the good news is it stars David Leo Schultz, Chevy Chase, and Burt Reynolds.

  • Missing | Pilot

    1 video

    A father will do anything and everything to find his daughter.